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The Growing Consuming Ability

ECARD has ten million of potential customers who have strong consuming ability. Our users are located all over the world, including overseas Chinese, travelers, business travelers and international students

Professional Technical Team

ECARD has strong technical support to ensure our smooth systems and merchants' security. Our team constantly develops ECARD is official website and updates user's APP to provide an easy-controlling payment solution and an advanced experience

Powerful Advertising and Marketing Ability

ECARD has professional marketing team, which dedicated to providing online and offline advertising services for merchants, including on ECARD's official website, mobile app, press partners and the dominant social media platforms, and the offline events as well

VIP Service

ECARD has a world-wide customer base. With the supporting by ECARD, our customers can have the most extinguished cashback plan, which also encourages customers to shop. Additionally, ECARD helps merchants to reach more reliable customers in an efficient way, and brading broadly

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